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Ram Mandir Opening Ceremony in Ayodhya, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the temple.

In Ayodhya Rs. 2,000 crore Ram temple was inaugurated today at 12.30 pm under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. The lavish décor and occasion went according to plan. The youngster Rama’s eyelid was uncovered when the rag covering it was taken off. These unique pujas were led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. RSS beside him. Mohan Bhagwat, the chairman, was seated.

The Sripala Rama statue was anointed with flowers, fruits, and herbs before to dedication. Herbal water weighing 81 kalas was used to purify the courtyard of the shrine. The statue was then covered with 125 jars filled with holy water that had been brought from different sacred locations. Following that, a Maha Puja was conducted and the idol was placed in the proper location.

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