New Driving Licence Rules from June 1, 2024: Simplified Process Announced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced significant changes to the process of obtaining a driving licence, effective from June 1, 2024. These changes aim to simplify the procedure and enhance efficiency.

Significant Changes

  1. No RTO Driving Test Required
    • Applicants no longer need to take a driving test at the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Instead, they can take the driving test at accredited private driving schools. If they pass, they will receive a certificate to apply for a driving licence without further testing at the RTO.
    • The Centre will issue certificates to private entities authorizing them to conduct driving tests. Without a certificate from an accredited school, candidates must appear for the driving test at an RTO.
  2. Penalties
    • Driving without a valid licence now incurs a penalty of up to ₹2,000.
    • Minors driving face severe punishments, including a ₹25,000 fine, potential action against parents, and cancellation of the vehicle’s registration certificate.
  3. Eco-Friendly Approach
    • The Ministry plans to phase out 9,000 outdated government vehicles and raise emission standards for other vehicles to reduce pollution and promote electric vehicles (EVs).
  4. Unchanged Application Procedure
    • The procedure for submitting a driver’s licence application remains unchanged. However, the Ministry has simplified the required paperwork, reducing the number of necessary documents and eliminating the need for physical checkups at RTOs.

Fee Structure Under Revised Rules

  • Learner’s licence: ₹200
  • Learner’s licence renewal: ₹200
  • International licence: ₹1,000
  • Permanent licence: ₹200
  • Permanent licence renewal: ₹200
  • Issue of renewed driver licence: ₹200

Revised Guidelines for Private Driving Schools

  1. Training Centres Requirements
    • Must have a minimum of one acre of land (two acres for four-wheeler training).
    • Must provide access to appropriate testing facilities.
  2. Trainer Qualifications
    • Trainers must have a high school diploma (or equivalent), a minimum of five years of driving experience, and knowledge of biometrics and IT systems.
  3. Training Duration
    • For light motor vehicles: 29 hours over four weeks (21 hours practical, 8 hours theoretical).
    • For medium and heavy vehicles: 38 hours over six weeks.
  4. Fees for Schools
    • A ₹5,000 fee for issuing or renewing licences without the training.
    • The same fee applies to obtaining a duplicate licence from these schools.

How to Apply for a New Driving Licence

  1. Visit
  2. Select your State
  3. Click on “New Driving Licence” from the “Driving Licence” menu
  4. Enter your “Learning Licence Number” and “Date of Birth” to proceed
  5. Fill out the application form
  6. Click the next button to proceed
  7. Visit the RTO on the scheduled date with original documents and fee slip

These changes are designed to make the process of obtaining a driving licence more efficient and accessible while maintaining safety and regulatory standards.

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