Construction Initiates for Coimbatore’s V.O.C. Park Food Street

Great news echoes through Coimbatore as construction kicks off for the much-anticipated “Healthy and Hygienic Food Street” in V.O.C. Park. With an initial investment of ₹1 crore, this project, led by Minister for Housing and Urban Development S. Muthusamy, aims to create a vibrant culinary hub.

Out of the 68 FSSAI-registered vendors, 38 have committed to the V.O.C. project, signaling positive momentum. Despite initial challenges faced by vendors during the waiting period, approximately fifty authorized food sellers currently operate in the park with pushcarts and temporary stores.

Anticipated amenities, including moveable chairs, umbrella-shaped canopies, and a communal hand wash station, promise an enhanced experience for both vendors and visitors. While construction progresses, stay tuned for updates on the transformation of V.O.C. Park into a bustling food street, set to redefine the culinary landscape in the region.

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