Corporation school students from coimbatore develop autonomous robo-car prototype

Twelve girls from Coimbatore’s Siddhapudur Corporation Girls Higher Secondary School have constructed a working prototype robotic automobile that has sensors to recognize obstacles and stop on its own.

The school’s Alumni Committee and the Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore (RAAC) gave the eagerly interested children the chance to further their robotics exploration.

The kids learned the complexities of robotics and coding during once-weekly meetings led by different subject matter experts for the team. This culminated in the production of many modest projects.

“The majority of our plans did not come to pass, but we never gave up.” Together with students from grades VI through IX, M. Kaviarasi, a class VII student, stated, “We were determined to create a car because we are all fascinated by Tesla.”

Team leader Yajini described the car’s operation, saying, “Building the frame or body was simple.” We used a battery to provide electrical connections so that it could move. The challenging aspect was integrating the sensor, which uses sound waves to estimate an object’s distance from us using an ultrasonic sensor.

The group stated that they hope to investigate artificial intelligence in technology in the future.

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