March 4th marks the start of EEPC's 3-day international engineering sourcing show in Coimbatore.

The Export Promotion Council (EEPC) of India, the leading trade and investment promotion body in the nation, will hold its 11th edition of the International Engineering Sourcing Show in Coimbatore city from March 4–6 at the CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex.

The main target audience for this iconic EEPC event is foreign buyers seeking to purchase engineering products from India, such as industrial machinery and equipment, energy and electrical items, and innovation and technology.

“This is our main event to introduce the world to India’s innovative spirit. At today’s pre-event press conference in the city, Raman Raghu, Regional Chairman – SR, EEPC India, stated that this exhibition will serve as a springboard for all MSMEs to start exporting.

It was communicated that about 10,000 trade buyers, 300 foreign buyers from more than 40 countries, and approximately 300 exhibitors will take part in this event. Throughout the three days of the event, a number of seminars on the newest innovations and trends in this field will also take place.

More than 120 Coimbatore-based businesses will be among the 300 exhibitors at this show. 521 delegates from 53 countries had signed up as of February 2024 to participate in the programme, which is anticipated to draw over 8,000 attendees.

According to CH Nadiger, Regional Director of EEPC, “small businesses may need to pay Rs. 5–6 lakhs to participate in such expos and try to secure export orders. While it is easy for established companies to engage in such exhibitions that are held throughout the world, the same cannot be true for them. Exhibitors can meet buyers from 50 different nations at once with this exhibition. This is the primary benefit of the occasion.

The first 5 expos were held in Mumbai and the last 5 were held in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu’s engineering exports were $ 14 billion before these events were held. But post holding these events, the State’s engineering exports rose to $ 18.8 billion, and it became the second largest exporter of engineering products in the country. “We expect about Rs. 400 crore-business from this event,” Nadigar said.

“As of now, a maximum of 15% of global engineering requirement is provided by China whereas India’s is catering to 2% of the global needs. The objective of these exhibitions is to increase our share from 2% to at least come near to China” Nadigar added.

Furthermore, Raman Raghu stated, “Indian industries are becoming more trusted by the global market than Chinese industries.” They have been considering India as a backup supply source for the past four years. This idea has led to a plethora of prospects and possibilities for MSMEs in India today.

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