Softlink Global and Coimbatore Marine College collaborate for future logisticians.

In a move to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of logistics education, Softlink Global and Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) have joined forces to incorporate cutting-edge, industry-standard tools and practices into their academic programs. This partnership represents a significant shift in the approach to logistics education, with institutions increasingly recognizing the importance of aligning their curricula with the needs of the industry, particularly in the fast-paced and ever-changing logistics sector.

Through this collaboration, CMC’s MBA and BBA programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will incorporate Softlink Global’s Logi-Sys, a cutting-edge logistics and freight management software, as a required component. This integration will allow students to gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of the industry, enabling them to excel in real-world logistics challenges. The ultimate objective of this partnership is to produce well-rounded graduates who possess both theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise in logistics management.

Dr. S.B. Senthilkumar, Dean of Logistics & Shipping at Coimbatore Marine College, expressed that the inclusion of Logi-Sys in their programs brings about a substantial improvement in their teaching methods, specifically targeting the lack of skills in the logistics sector. Through the integration of Logi-Sys into the curriculum, Softlink Global and CMC are establishing a new benchmark for logistics education, with a focus on producing graduates who are ready to enter the industry right away.

Softlink Global’s Chief Growth Officer, Kunal Maheshwari, expressed his organization’s dedication to advancing education in logistics, highlighting their aim to create a Softlink Academy that will cultivate proficient professionals and contribute to the sector’s growth. This partnership marks a significant step towards achieving this vision.

Kunal stated that by introducing Logi-Sys into CMC’s course offerings, they are emphasizing its strength and relevance in the logistics sector. This decision aligns their educational endeavors with the industry’s practical needs, showcasing Softlink Global’s dedication to fostering a skilled workforce proficient in contemporary technology. This will enable individuals to effectively navigate and contribute to the ever-changing logistics industry.

Softlink Global, a prominent participant in the software sector for logistics and freight management, is renowned for its dedication to utilizing technology to enhance worldwide logistics operations. Coimbatore Marine College, a top institution for maritime and logistics education, is acknowledged for its outstanding ability to merge academic expertise with practical industry application.

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