Sridhar Vembu of Zoho has invested in Yali Aerospace, a drone startup  in Tamil Nadu.

Zoho, a software corporation, has invested in Yali Aerospace, a drone technology startup located in Tamil Nadu, according to cofounder and CEO Sridhar Vembu.

“We are pleased to announce our investment in Yali Aerospace, a Tanjavur-based drone business managed by husband and wife Dinesh Baluraj and Anugraha. On May 28, Vembu stated on the X platform, formerly Twitter, that they had returned from the Netherlands to Tanjavur to begin this process. He did not provide any investment information.

Dinesh Baluraj and Anugraha Ganesan founded Yali drones in 2022 to provide user-friendly technology for public and military applications.

“We are shaping the future of aviation with cutting-edge technology and BVLOS experience. “We manufacture our drones in India and are committed to creating numerous job opportunities for qualified engineers and scientists,” the startup’s website states.

Vembu stated that Yali has created a fixed-wing drone with vertical takeoff and landing.

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