Kumaraguru Institutions, Team Renew Celebrated The Launch of Thimi .

Kumaraguru Institutions recently celebrated the launch and recognition of two remarkable student teams, Team ReNew and Team Sea Sakthi, as they embark on international competitions that emphasize innovation and sustainability. The celebration took place at the Kumaraguru campus in Saravanampatti on June 18, 2024.

Team ReNew:

Team ReNew, composed of eight dedicated students, is set to make a groundbreaking appearance as the first Indian team to compete in the Prototype class of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell category at the Shell Eco Marathon Asia Pacific in Lombok, Indonesia. The Shell Eco Marathon, with its long-standing history of 39 years, is renowned for promoting energy efficiency and a low-carbon future, bringing together over 5,000 students from 50 countries.

The team’s vehicle, “Thimi,” is an innovative three-wheeled design featuring a carbon fiber monocoque structure inspired by biomimicry. It uses upcycled materials for the chassis, an efficient BLDC Midrive Motor, and a custom motor controller board powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Team ReNew’s mission is to revolutionize sustainable mobility and advocate for zero-emission energy solutions.

kct Lauched Thimi

Team Sea Sakthi:

Team Sea Sakthi, a group of 12 students from Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) in Coimbatore, is preparing for their third consecutive participation in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024. This prestigious event, focused on sustainable boating technology, will take place in early July in Monaco.

As the only Indian team participating, Sea Sakthi is one of 21 teams worldwide competing in the energy class, which challenges participants to design the most efficient and sustainable propulsion systems for their boats. Their boat, named Yali 3.0, features a fully autonomous system with twin propulsion units, each delivering 6.5 KW. The boat’s cockpit incorporates sustainable materials such as pineapple fiber and upcycled plastic fiber, reflecting the team’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

The event in Monaco will see Sea Sakthi showcasing their advanced 10 KW Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery Pack and demonstrating their expertise in developing renewable energy solutions for marine applications. This project underscores the team’s dedication to pushing the limits of technological advancement in sustainable energy.

These two teams embody the spirit of Kumaraguru Institutions, demonstrating the drive and ingenuity necessary to tackle global challenges and lead the way in sustainable technology and engineering excellence.

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