Surgery at Gem Hospital with the help of Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

Coimbatore Gem Hospital has said that it is successfully performing surgeries using Apple’s Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset, a mirror-shaped computer.
In this regard, Dr. C. Palanivelu, founder and chairman of Gem Hospitals, and R. Parthasarathy, a gastroenterologist, spoke to the media.

Monday said:
The Apple Vision Pro can be used as both a smartphone and a computer. We can operate it using our eyes, hands and voice. By working with this instrument, the efficiency and accuracy of the operation is increased.

The surgeon wearing the device is always connected to the real world. He can see and act normally. All tools can be used easily and accurately. At the same time, this instrument can also be used as an essential tool in the operating room.

The device works as a face computer with 360-degree viewing angles. And where we look, the scenes are visible on the screen. Also, practicing doctors can see the surgery we perform with great precision. Patient scan report can be checked on that screen during surgery.

Also, the surgeon unexpectedly complicated environment Immediately face another surgery Call the expert live and do the surgery yourself Show the treatment and follow his guidance in a couple of seconds can get.

Far more diverse with this Vision Pro tool We have successfully performed 9 types of surgeries They said. The chief executive officer of the hospital P. Praveenraj and other doctors were present.

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