Kumaraguru Institutions Announces Yugam 2024 Inter-College Festival

Yugam, held by Kumaraguru Institutions in Coimbatore, is back for its 12th season.It begins on March 21st. It would be a three-day program with over 100 activities for arts and engineering college students, with a projected attendance of 20,000+ students from 150+ institutions in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and other South Indian and Northern states.Prof.Vijilesh, Dean, and Prof.Sheela from the Office of Student Affairs co-chaired a news conference on Saturday to announce the event, together with the student coordinators.

Some of the entertaining events to look forward to at Yugam 2024 include RC Xtreme, a mini nitro-powered car racing event, KI Drone Prix, a drone racing event aimed at showcasing competitors’ drone piloting skills, N.Mahalingam Trophy Sports Fest, Dhwani, a national level musical band competition, Angadi, a carnival-like fair, and, of course, Proshows, where talented artists will sing, dance, and entertain the participants. It will feature a live concert by music composer Sean Roldan on March 23rd.There will be a number of knowledge-sharing events, including the Inspire India Youth Conclave (which will feature speakers such as), the Student Conclave for Climate Action, and the Generation Z Economic Summit.

A Defence Career Expo will be organized to highlight the different prospects available in the military forces for young people. Officials from the Forces will also discuss their experiences in the Defense Services. A career fair will also be hosted as part of Yugam, where students may learn about the abilities that recruiters look for in applicants.There is a lot to discover about Yugam 2024. Visit for additional information.

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