Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation uses knowledge, sustainability, and digital innovation to empower farmers in Pollachi

Pollachi: Since its founding in 2017, Marico Limited’s main program, the Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation, has made great progress in enabling Indian farmers by arming them with the resources, know-how, and encouragement they need to adopt sustainable farming methods. The Parachute Kalparviksha Foundation was founded with the goal of empowering farmers to become self-sufficient, emphasizing cutting-edge and environmentally friendly farming methods. Over 81,000 Indian farmers and more than 3,11,000 acres of farmland have benefited from the foundation’s multidimensional strategy, which includes training, sustainability projects, and digital empowerment. The program’s effectiveness in raising agricultural productivity has been demonstrated by the enrolled farmers’ impressive 16% increase in crop production.

The Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation was founded with the goal of addressing the urgent issues that farmers confront. It recognized three main issues that Pollachi farmers faced and developed focused solutions to successfully solve them. PKF started projects to conserve water and taught farmers scientific and sustainable agricultural methods in an effort to increase farm output. The foundation addressed the issue of low-quality agricultural yields by implementing a thorough productivity development program. More than 120 field workers were sent by the Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation to instruct farmers in contemporary farming techniques including disease prevention, insect control, nutrient optimization, and water management. Each month, over 30,000 farmers benefit from professional training and direction.

Mr. Amit Bhasin, Chief Legal Officer, Group General Counsel, and Secretary of the CSR Committee at Marico Limited, commented on the foundation’s accomplishments, saying, “The Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation embodies Marico’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development thus making a tangible difference in the farmers’ lives.” Our goal is to create a resilient farming community in Pollachi and throughout the nation by promoting sustainable agriculture techniques and offering all-encompassing support to farmers.

Further, to address the challenge of traditional agricultural practices resulting in higher input costs and lower yields, the foundation launched the Kalpavriksha Knowledge Program which offers both online and offline training sessions to farmers. Focusing on scientific farm management practices, digital literacy, financial literacy, and awareness of government schemes and subsidies. Initiated this year, the program has undertaken over 40 trainings benefiting 3000+ farmers across 15+ districts, empowering farmers to optimize their farming methods and improve their livelihoods. In addition to physical training sessions, the program leverages digital channels to reach a wider audience of farmers using a specialized mobile app, website, Toll-free Farmer Helpline, and social media channels. With over 1.9 lakh downloads, the mobile app assists farmers in adopting effective agricultural practices, while the toll-free helpline provides personalized support to farmers, addressing their queries on pest management, nutrient deficiencies, and other agricultural issues.

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