The International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation in Coimbatore


The International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation (ICBMSI) is being held in Coimbatore, India on March 2, 2024. The organising committee of ICBMSI is honoured to offer a warm invitation to you to participate. The Conference will provide a broad forum for the exchange of important and cutting-edge developments in the fields of social innovation and business management. Additionally, it features an excellent area for oral, poster, and commercial scientific presentations. The fascinating programme offered by ICBMSI will enable attendees to consider and commemorate their past successes, rekindle old friendships, expand their networking prospects, promote conversation between speakers and delegates, and together reveal present and future research avenues. We really hope you enjoy a productive and enjoyable stay in Coimbatore, India during this unique  ICBMSI. We are excited to have you all join us for what seems like a fantastic occasion.


Our primary goal is to enhance scientific and educational endeavours that improve the lives of ordinary people by refining the theory and application of many Social Science & Humanities disciplines and sectors. As the largest professional association in South Asia, NIER arranges various events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and awareness programmes. It also publishes high-caliber academic international journals and keeps track of current and relevant transactions. It provides technical and other supports to enhance research and development activities.

Scope and The benefit

The conference proceedings will contain all of the approved papers.

All approved papers will be published in international journals that are pertinent to them.

The DOI Directory will assign each accepted research publication a distinct, globally recognised Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number. To see more, click this link.

Both the best research paper and the best paper presentation will get awards.

NIER DELEGATES EXCHANGE PROGRAMME (NDEP): NIER conference delegates who have outstanding research ideas and initiatives will be sent to conduct research and development at foreign locations, as well as at international organisations that collaborate with NIER.

Through the NIER Research Funding Scheme, delegates with creative ideas and research projects that might benefit the humanities will receive funding.


You will get notification within 4 working days after the submission date about the approval or rejection of the paper.

You can email us at if you are not receiving a response. In the mail, mention the Paper Code you supplied.

Contact Person

Conference Coordinator


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