It is time to create the Coimbatore Railway Division!

There are more than 15 railway zones in India, including the Southern Railway. Each railway zone is divided into many divisions, each with its own set of stations. Southern Railway has six divisions, one of which being Salem Railway Division, under which Coimbatore Railway Station is located.

According to a recent RTI request, Coimbatore Junction earned a whopping Rs.325 crore in revenue for fiscal year 2023-24, ranking third among the 70+ junctions in Salem Division.

Except for Coimbatore Junction, other high-income junctions on the Southern Railway network, including Chennai, Thiruvanathapuram, Madurai, and Trichy, have their own divisions.

Following Coimbatore Junction’s ongoing good performance, local residents and train passenger forums have suggested that if a separate Coimbatore Railway Division is declared and extra train services are made available, earnings will skyrocket.

Coimbatore District currently consists of Salem, Palakkad, and Madurai Divisions. This requires integration.

Night train services from Coimbatore to Tuticorin, Rameshwaram, Sengottai, Madurai via Palani are needed, along with an increase in direct trains to Dhanbad, New Delhi, and Jabalpur from Coimbatore.

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